JAL Gloval Club(JGC)

JMB members who are eligible for JMB SAPPHIRE or JMB DIAMOND will be invited to join an exclusive club designed to cater to the needs of our most experienced travelers.

Membership Qualifications

JAL Global Club (JGC) membership is available to JMB members who have achieved at least 50,000 FLY ON Points (including 25,000 FLY ON Points for JAL Group flights) or have boarded at least 50 flights (including 25 JAL Group flights) and 15,000 FLY ON Points on JAL Group Airlines and oneworld alliance member airlines with eligible fares during one calendar year (January - December).

  • ※Employees of airlines or their related companies are not eligible for JGC membership.

Membership Validity: Membership is valid until the end of March, two years after the member has achieved JGC qualification.

Annual Membership Fee

JMB members who wish to apply for JGC membership must agree to have 5,000 miles deducted from their JMB account at initial registration.
* For JAL Family Club members who are over 18 years old, 5,000 mils may be deducated using family pooling.
If you hold JALCARD CLUB-A / CLUB-A GOLD, JAL DINERS CARD or JAL PLATINUM CARD, no mileage is required for initial registration with payment of the JALCARD membership annual fee.

Membership Renewal Qualifications

As a JGC member you can renew your membership by paying the renewal fee of 5,000 miles* from your JMB account at the beginning of March. This renewal fee will be waived for JGC members who earn 25,000 FLY ON Points or fly 10 eligible international flights of JAL during the calendar year.

* For JAL Family Club members who are over 18 years old, 5,000 miles may be deducted using family pooling. The renewal of Club membership is not granted if 5,000 miles cannot be deducted from your JMB accounts.
Members with JALCARD CLUB-A / CLUB-A GOLD, JAL DINERS CARD or JAL PLATINUM CARD are not required to pay 5,000 miles at renewal as it is covered by the JALCARD's annual fee.

Validity after Renewal: Membership is valid until the end of March of the following year.



First Flight Bonus : 3,000 bonus miles for the first eligible flight on JAL Group airlines with applicable for JMB flight mileage taken every year

Airport Lounge Usage

Airport lounge service are available use for the JGC members and one traveling companion upon presentation of JGC card.
Also, JGC members can take a third and a forth companion to the airport lounge using Airport Lounge Coupons issued in exchange for JMB miles.

When Reservations

Forward seats assignment service on domestic flights

When Traveling

Priority Baggage Service
Extra Baggage allowance(Domestic flights : up to 20kgs / International flights : one extra piece*)
* Up to 32kgs per one piece.
Priority Check-in Service
Airport Lounge Usage
JAL Global Club Entrance
JAL Fast Security Lane(Narita Airport Terminal 2)

Hotel Service


Other Benefits

Personalized leather luggage tags.
Annual gifts of a calendar and a diary. *As option for an annual gift, you can select a calendar and/or diary.
Use of exclusive member lounges at designated hotels, etc.

Address Change

If you change your home or business address, please be sure to contact JMB Center or the JAL office in your area of residence.

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